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Before transfusion

Blood transfusion is a life saving procedure, but at the same time, ABO incompatibility accidents (acute hemolytic reaction) are very often lethal. It is a fact though that most National Blood Transfusion Services in Africa cannot and do not perform standardized and reliable ABO compatibility routine check at the patient's bedside. At best in most cases a visual agglutination test is  performed before administering the blood transfusion to the patient. In all fairness until now there wasn't a practical solution to perform a bedside compatibility check suited to the  African context.
Hemogroup-M is an affordable solution to perform a standardized, fast, and reliable donor-receiver ABO/RhD compatibility at the patient's bedside, as per the WHO guidelines about safe blood transfusion procedures.
Hemogroup-M is not a substitute to Simonin-Michon method, its purpose is to confirm the donor-receiver compatibility at the patient's bedside, right before the blood transfusion is administered.
Hemogroup-M is an efficient way to raise to a new level the quality and safety of  the blood transfusion procedure and save hundreds of lives every month.
Because with blood transactions, there is no room for error, Hemogroup-M has a built-in auto-control procedure. It guarantees the reliability of the result.
Hemogroup-M has been validated as 100% reliable for ABO blood grouping by several NBTS in Africa. Hard confidential reports are available on demand.

Emergencies and accidents

Blood transfusion is a life saving procedure.
In case of emergency such as a car accident or any other severe accident with heavy blood loss, the life of the patient depends on how fast the transfusion will be administered.
In such cases life hangs by a thread. The time required to perform blood grouping is often unfortunately too long due to a number of factors.
Hemogroup-M allows the emergency services to perform the blood grouping procedure as soon as they arrive on site, or in the ambulance on the way to the hospital, so the life saving blood bag can be made available as soon as the patient arrives at the hospital.

Pregnancy and women's health

According to the WHO (1), maternal mortality is at a 24% average in Africa, and as high as 30% in some places. This high mortality rate is largely due to severe hemorrhage during child birth. In such cases the woman needs a blood transfusion in the shortest delay.
Reducing maternal mortality is identified as a priority by the WHO. 
Hemogroup-M addresses this problem and provides a way to reduce maternal mortality in two ways. 
1. Prevention: Hemogroup-M allows health services to perform mother blood grouping during pre-natal screening and care, no matter how remote the setting, without any equipment or even electricity for that matter. This way the blood group of the mother is known on the day she gives birth and the blood bag (or a compatible and safe donor) can be provided much more quickly.
2. In case the blood group of the mother is not known on the day she gives birth, blood grouping can be performed on the spot for the mother and the baby as well.
Hemogroup-M is affordable, easy to deploy and implement with minimal training, room temperature storage, easy transportation and delivery, long shelf life (36 months).
Hemogroup-M was deployed in Zimbabwe and reduced maternal mortality by 22%.
Hemogroup-M is an unexpensive way to save precious lives.

(1) Hussein et al (2011) Etude des mesures de contrôle des infections dans le système de santé dans les pays en voie de  développement : ce que l’on peut apprendre afin de réduire la mortalité maternelle, Mondialisation et Santé 7 :14


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